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Wellness Exams

When completing a comprehensive exam, our doctors look for...


Eyes- Signs of disease, discharge or tearing, abnormal movement or reaction to light, eyelid abnormalities or retinal disease.


Ears- Signs of ear infection including pain, gland swelling, redness, odor, mites, ear canal tumors, and ear drum disease and rupture.


Mouth- Bad breath, level of calculus on teeth, gingivitis, oral tumors, gum color, tonsils, and dehydration.


Heart- Heart rate, arrhythmias, and murmurs/valvular disease.


Lungs- Wheezing, crackling, muffled heart sounds and increased airway sounds.


Abdomen- Increased abdominal organ enlargement, liver, spleen, and kidneys; bladder size, pain, or stones; intestinal thickness or gas; discomfort on palpation or excessive fluid.


Legs- Muscle symmetry, grinding sounds or fluid in the joints; limitations in range of joint motion, painful bones or joints and lameness.


Coat, Skin, and Nails- Overall condition and quality of coat; lumps and bumps; excessive dander; saliva-stained fur; fleas/ticks; skin rashes and infections; overgrown nails; tapeworms, fecal matting, or anal gland abnormalities.


Lymph nodes/Thyroid- Any irregularities or changes in size.