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Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Does your pet have bad breath?


Our doctors have always recognized the importance of good oral health in pets.  Did you know that dental disease is one of the leading causes of heart and kidney disease in a pet?


We utilize veterinary-specific high quality equipment to clean and polish teeth thoroughly, while reducing anesthesia time. We can perform advanced periodontal therapy and oral surgery should your pet need this care.


Each dental procedure includes a full set of digital dental x-rays to ensure that all issues are addressed even if they are not visable above the gumline.  Intraoral radiographs, or dental x-rays, are necessary for accurate evaluation of the entire tooth. Cleaning and polishing the teeth are not enough to ensure that the tooth is healthy. We need to look below the gum line to see the root and supporting tooth structures.


We make sure that you are confident and involved in your pet's oral health at home after a dental cleaning. We offer veterinary-specific chews, food and hygiene kits that you can use at home.